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We can provide daring escapologists & escape artists for your event. We provide a range of escapology acts including: straitjacket escapes, chain & handcuff escapes, suspended escapes and others.

All the acts are high quality professional acts that are trained and insured.

Please contact us for more details, prices and to book these brilliant artists.

What Escapologists Do

Escape Artists perform show entertainment. Some perform handcuff escapes as wandering entertainment

Escape acts perform various escapes including: straitjacket, handcuff, chain, underwater and suspended escapes

What events are Escape Artists suitable for?

Escapologists are suitable for many events: outdoors & indoors, corporate, community, festival and private events

How long will Escapologists perform for?

Escape Artists normally perform a number of sets of a specific length over a defined period of time

The usual sets are as follows. However a greater number of sets or length of sets or length of time at an event is negotiable:

  • Day Time

    1/2 show sets during a 6 hour period.

  • Evening Sets

    1/2 show sets during a 3 hour period

Do Escape Artists perform any other skills?

Some Escape Artists perform other daring skills as part of their shows or as separate stunts

The skill performed will depend on:

  • Whether the performer is multi skilled and those skills have been booked prior to the event
  • Whether the costume will allow those skills to be performed

The skills available in addition to escapology may include:

  • Sword Swallowing
  • Juggling with dangerous props
  • Fire performance
  • Other dangerous stunts

We have Escape Artists (and other) acts based across the UK and supply them nationwide and internationally

To enable us to check availability of a specific act we require the information detailed on the contact page

Please check that page before contacting us so we can advise on availability and help you as quickly as possible


Training & Insurance

All our acts are either trained circus performers having graduated from a circus school and/or are experienced professional performers

All our acts are insured; most through Equity and have £5 million minimum cover

We can supply risk assessments for the skills performed that are HSE compliant

If you would like more information about training, insurance or risk assessments please contact us


Prices and Booking

Prices for Escapologists (and other) acts varies. For details of prices and how to book see:

Prices & Booking

Do you supply acts other than Escapologists?

Yes we certainly do!

We supply a wide variety of other acts including:

Jugglers, Human Statues, Stilt Walkers, Stunt Performers, Magicians, Caricaturists, Acrobats, Fire Performers, Character Acts any many more

If you would like more information about the acts we suppyl please contact us or visit our main website


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